The plight of girls in South Sudan and refugees camps has resulted in a number of them dropping out of school in spite of the fact that some of them are bright but fail to advance their education due to poverty and the conflict that forced them into refuge.

In trying to contribute to addressing this, RUFI has come up with the Girl Child Education Fund (G-CHEF). G-CHEF is an initiative to pool together resources, internally and externally, to support the education of the financially handicapped but brilliant children, especially girls, who have completed the primary level of education but cannot continue due to financial challenges. The aim is to support such individuals to attain at least a tertiary level of education which can enable them get or create jobs.

Initiated since 2015, one such beneficiary has now completed her studies and got employment. In the refugee camps the initiative has just started and with the relevant funding, some primary school leavers financially handicapped could get the opportunity to advance to a tertiary level.

Are you willing to fund one such child or contribute to the G-CHEF Pool? If so, then please contact RUFI at for more details.