As an MFI with a dual mission for social intervention and operating on sustainable basis, RUFI works in partnership with a number of NGOs and government institutions to achieve the social objectives of the company. Since 2010 we work in close partnership with Cordaid which piloted our agriculture loan product, invested in RUFI staff capacity building and also supported RUFI’s expansion into Uganda. Recently RUFI also entered into partnership with the South Sudan Agribusiness Development Program (SSADP) funded by the Netherlands Government to support commercial farming in South Sudan. In Uganda, we are seeking more partners especially in areas that can help us find solutions to financing refugees and host communities.

We welcome more partnerships in areas that we believe will result in meeting intended goals and objectives for both partners as well as benefiting the target clients.


RUFI is affiliated to the Microfinance Association of South Sudan (MASS) and the Association of Microfinance Institutions in Uganda (AMFIU). We are also members of the African Microfinance Institutions Network (MAIN).