When RUFI entered the Uganda Market, it was realised that youth were leading a hopeless life of redundancy and abuse of alcohol with unplanned pregnancies becoming rampant even among the under aged. To try and address this, RUFI came up with the REMEDY Project – Refugees Empowerment through Market-led Enterprise Development for Youth. This was funded by the Luxembourg Government through our longtime partner Cordaid. Under REMEDY, youth come up with applications for self-initiated project ideas. Successful applicants are then offered training after which assets are procured to kick-start the project. Supervision and mentoring are then conducted throughout the project period by RUFI and the trainers. Widows who lost everything when leaving South Sudan and are able to enterprise are also supported under this project.

Implementation started in December 2017 and by the first quarter of 2018, 268 youth and widows have been funded through a combination of Own Contribution, Soft Loan and Grant for 13 different enterprises. 52% of those served are women who mostly engage in food items and tailoring.

It is still early times but the results are already promising as the pictures portray. Refugee widows who had never expected to get support from a financial institution are now running small enterprises at home or within the markets. Ladies, whose next idea was getting married, now have economic activities that are keeping them engaged with a mindset changed to economic growth other than early marriage. Young men are already running poultry and piggery farms and are economically active.