We pride ourselves in being the first MFI in South Sudan to offer Agriculture Loans on commercial basis. Thanks to funding from Cordaid and partnership with RODES and the Kajo Keji County Agriculture Department, RUFI was able to pilot this product in Kajo Keji Branch in 2010. Over 175 individuals under separate farmer groups benefited from the initial loans and at the end of the year there was 100% repayment! This was far better than was projected considering that rural farming is an investment at the mercy of nature and market fluctuations. To date over 500 farmers have benefited from this product.

The product is now offered at all branches and performance is still above expectations. There is considerable demand for this product and with the right funding and further refining of the product we strongly believe that through Agric Lending RUFI will greatly address the poverty challenges facing the rural communities and the country at large.